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Are Tickets sold out?
99% of the time, NO, tickets are most likely avaiiable at the door! Call 419.693.5300 for exact info!
Where can I get tickets?
From any Ticketmaster location, Ticketmaster Online, or Culture Clash, Ramalama Records, and occasionally, Madhatter Music in BG.   All three local record stores only charge a $1 service charge, and you will feel good for supporting local buisnesses. 
My ticket has seating info, where are my seats?
All Headliners events are General Admission, marked on your ticket as GA.  This means that there are no seats, standing room only.  Sometimes, tickets still have seat and row info on them, but that is solely for counting purposes.  Occassionally, when we do a smaller show, there are tables and chairs available, but those are first come first serve.
My ticket says that doors are at (insert time).  What time does the show start?
The safest rule of thumb is that the show will start 45 minutes to one hour after doors.  Sometimes, the first band may not go on until 10:30, and sometimes they go on at 5:30, it all depends on the situation.
What is a Preshow?
When we do a large national show, on the main stage, we know that we will have people in line hours before doors.  In the winter, we try and do everything we can to keep these people warm and safe. In the summer we want to get people out of the heat. Local bands love to gain exposier playing in front of large crowds.   To appease both of these issues, we try and do pre-shows as much as possible.  Pre-shows take place in the smaller (Center Stage) room several hours before the official door time.  This way, everyone can warm up, cool down and enjoy a few drinks before the show actually starts. All people entering the Pre-Show MUST have tickets to the Main Stage show.
How do I get my band booked on (insert famous band)'s show?
Check out our blog, FAQ: The Bands. if you have further questions feel free to contact Jonathan Anderson - 419.698.4020
How do I suggest a band to play at Headliners?
We have a team of people (in the form of the Verso Group) working 7 days a week to bring the best concerts to Toledo.  We welcome feedback, band submissions, and suggestions! Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion. Email Cody Grup or call 419.698.4020 ext: 1002


Hi, I'm in _______.  We're from Toledo and really sweet.  We want to play Headliners.
Ok, this technically is not a question but it is the number one message clogging our inbox.  Here is what you need to know:

1.  Headliners is exclusively booked by the VERSO GROUP.
2. All national bookings, and select local/regional bookings are handeled by Jonathan Anderson. Local and regional bands are handled mainly by Seth Anderson. 
Side Note:
They are not related in anyway, even though they will probably tell you they are cousins.
3.  If you are interested in playing Headliners or any other Verso Group Venue, Please fill out this short form:
Here is the info we need:
Band Name, Contact Name & Phone Number, Style of Music, Similar Bands (local and national), Myspace Page, Age of Band (how long you've been around) and Members (generalities such as under 18, over 18, over 21 are ok), Numer of Shows Played, Other Venues Played,  Setup (this basically means size of drum kit, number of guitars, vocals, and anything extra such as horns, dj, keys, sampler, etc.)
4.  If someone does not follow up within a week feel free to follow up with a phone call to the Verso Group Offices (419.698.4020) 11:00am - 7:00pm.  Please understand Seth and Jonathan may not necessarily be available. Please leave a voicemail. We don't mind you bugging us, this is our job!
Hi.  I'm in _____.  We from out of town and are really sweet.  We want to play Headliners.
Hi.  I'm in _____.  We are on tour and are really sweet.  We want to play Headliners on a certain date.
Unfortunately, this is harder for us to do. We will help if possible,  we are all fans of music, and we will be more likely to book you if we are a fan or if you are able to draw 40+ people in Toledo.
.Is it true Headliners/Verso Group does not allow bands to play other clubs in Toledo?
The answer is "NO!" Bands can play anywhere in the city whenever they want, with who ever they want. 

Verso Group takes pride in developing long term relationships with artists/bands which enables bands to build a solid fan base in Toledo! We value bands that work hard for themselves and will do anything we can to help!
Bands that value a relationship with Headliners/Verso Group are on the top of the list to open up for National shows.  It simple, you support us, and we will support you.
What time is load in for our show?
Load in is always one hour before the show.  If for some reason is different for your show, we will let you know.  At load in, you will be required to backline the stage.  This means that the amps of every single band on the bill will be on stage and in order.  This allows Headliners to have as little down time in between bands as possible and keeps the momentum of the show rollin'..  The Stage Manager will be available to answer any questions you may have on the day of the show.
Can we sound check before doors?
Yes and no.  Standard sound check policy is that the first band will get a full sound check before doors open, and all other bands will get a line check before they go on. The house sound guy Matt Bitz has also done sound at Frankies , the Main Event, Croakies Party Island. He has worked for Cerwin Vega and Prodigy Music, and has worked as a touring sound Tech. for Lollipop Lust Kill, Ministry and Coal Chamber. No-one knows the room like he knows the room! You are in good hands!
Do we need to bring a PA or Mics?
No.  Headliners features an astounding sound system and one of the best production teams in the region.  We offer everything you will need.  If you have something out of the ordinary, such as multiple kick drums, multiple key boards, percussion, strings, etc, it wouldn't hurt to touch base or bring some mics or direct boxes.  It's always better to be safe than sorry.
How long is our set?
Most sets at Headliners are 30 minutes for openers and open ended to headlining acts, with 15 minutes in between for change over(s).  If you feel that you deserve more time, feel free to discuss this issue with Seth or Jonathan while booking your show.
Does Headliners require ticket sales?
No, however, we do encourage bands to sell advanced tickets because it is the simplest form of promotion.
So what does the show pay?
Well, that depends on you.  After our expenses are met (this includes sound, staff, security, advertising/promotions, etc) the bands get 80% of the door, split according to each bands draw.  Therefore, if you draw the most people, you will get paid the most.  The harder you work, the more people you draw, the more money you make! The sky is the limit!
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